Stable Seas Presents Research to International Maritime Security Center

maritime security bay of bengal IFC Singapore
Ships from the Indian Navy, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, and the U.S. Navy sail in formation in the Bay of Bengal. Photo: Leon Wong, US Navy.

On June 10th, Stable Seas presented the findings of its recent report, Stable Seas: Bay of Bengal,  to the staff of the Information Fusion Centre (IFC). Located in Singapore, the IFC hosts liaison officers from the navies of eighteen nations across the globe and serves as the focal point of information sharing related to maritime security in the Indo-Pacific. Stable Seas had the opportunity to present its research and have a conversation with the officers about what they see as the emerging challenges, how to continue to build maritime domain awareness in the region, and how Stable Seas could support their future work.
The full report is available here.