Stable Seas Shares Report Findings and the Maritime Security Index at SEACAT 2020

SEACAT 2020 maritime enforcement cooperation
Lt. Claire Fitzpatrick, JAG assigned to Singapore Area Coordinator, briefs participants on maritime law during Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT) 2020, a virtual maritime domain awareness symposium. Photo: US Pacific Fleet.

Stable Seas recently presented on both the findings of the Stable Seas: Bay of Bengal report and the uses of the Maritime Security Index at the Southeast Asia Cooperation and Training (SEACAT) exercise. SEACAT is organized by the U.S. Navy and is designed to enhance maritime security by highlighting the value of information sharing and multilateral coordination. This year's three-day virtual iteration included participants from 22 nations across the region discussing a variety of strategies for increasing collaboration and establishing best practices for enhanced regional maritime security.

Stable Seas was a keynote speaker on the final day of the event and presented findings on maritime security issues specific to the Bay of Bengal region, as well as discussing the Maritime Security Index as a tool for the evidence-based tracking of progress on the region's diverse maritime security issues. The event was an extremely valuable opportunity for Stable Seas to engage with high-level policy makers in regional navies and maritime law enforcement, the U.S. Navy, private sector, and civil society around our research and to gain feedback to continue to tailor our work to their needs.