Stable Seas Convenes Philippines Policy Makers to Discuss Maritime Terrorism

Philippines maritime security
Photo: US Navy, Holly L. Herline.

Stable Seas, in partnership with the Foundation for the National Interest, recently convened a closed meeting of maritime security policymakers from the Philippines to discuss the ways in which violent non-state actors exploit the maritime space in the southern Philippines and potential steps for mitigating organized political violence in the maritime domain. The meeting included speakers and attendees from The Philippine Navy, Coast Guard, Department of National Defense, representatives from regional embassies, lawmakers, and members of civil society and academia. Stable Seas presented findings from its research on “sea blindness” in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations, how armed groups in the Philippines exploit the maritime space, and policy recommendations for denying such groups the use of the maritime domain. The event was a valuable opportunity for Stable Seas to introduce its work to a high-level policy audience and shape its future engagement and efforts towards policy impact in the Philippines.