New Brief Provides High-Level Overview of Ansar al-Sunna in Northern Mozambique

ASWJ Mozambique ISIS incidents


Insecurity continues to grow in the Cabo Delgado province of northern Mozambique, fueled by the Islamic State-affiliate Ansar al-Sunna (ASWJ). Throughout 2020, ASWJ has grown its maritime operational capabilities to wage violence on land, prompting the attention of the maritime community. This brief responds to the various requests received by Stable Seas from maritime stakeholders seeking a high-level overview of ASWJ to better understand the role they can play in supporting Maputo to counter ASWJ at sea. 

This brief addresses the conflict background and government response, ASWJ’s 2020 escalation, humanitarian concerns, and the maritime dimensions and external implications of the conflict. For long term success, it is critical that the maritime domain be incorporated into ongoing and future counterinsurgency efforts.

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