ASEAN maritime security brief

Addressing Maritime Security in Southeast Asia

Release Date: August 4, 2020
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Publication Type: Policy Brief


This policy brief maps and measures threats to maritime security across Southeast Asia, as well as the efforts to counter them. The Index was created to assist in implementing and evaluating regionally-focused maritime security strategies, such as those of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The brief provides an analysis of all nine indicators in the Maritime Security Index in ASEAN’s coastal states.

Key Findings

Overall, this brief shows:

  • The diverse set of maritime security and governance challenges present in Southeast Asia and facing ASEAN member states. 

  • The prominent role ASEAN has to play as a forum for regional maritime cooperation.

  • The interrelated nature of the nine maritime security issues examined. Progress, or backsliding, in one area often has follow-on impacts across a variety of other indicators, necessitating a comprehensive approach to maritime security in the region. 

  • Finally, the brief highlights several areas of potential policy prioritization for ASEAN, and the region, as it continues to develop its maritime security strategy.