Blue Economy in the BARMM

BARMM Blue Economy: Policy Proposals for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

Release Date: November 24, 2020
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Publication Type: Policy Brief


This policy brief examines how improvements to the Blue Economy of the Bangsamoro Autonomous  Region  in  Muslim Mindanao can be made and what impacts it may have for the future prosperity and stability of the region. The policy recommendations were generated by civilian experts and national and local officials during a August 2020 webinar. The workshop, organized by Stable Seas and Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress Foundation, brought together a diverse set of experts and generated potential policy priorities for future consideration.

Key Findings

  • ADDRESS FOOD INSECURITY BY FOCUSING ON PORT INFRASTRUCTURE AND MANAGEMENT to accommodate larger rice shipments and discourage large scale smuggling. 

  • DRAFT LEGISLATION THAT CLARIFIES AMBIGUITIES AROUND FISHING RIGHTS and integrates functional aspects of informal trade into formal trade laws. 

  • WORK WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES BY BOTH CONSULTING WITH CIVIL SOCIETY LEADERS to avoid pushing through a dichotomous approach to formal and informal economic structures and implementing human intelligence networks to help address coastal conflict.

  • SUPPORT PROCESSING IN THE FISHERIES AND SEAWEED INDUSTRIES by investing in new facilities and upgrading the technology of existing centers.