New Brief Outlines Recommendations to Address Root Causes Of Maritime Crime in the Gulf of Guinea

beyond counter-piracy maritime security West Central Africa
A man sits overlooking the water in a Cameroonian fishing town. Photo: Jean-Pierre Larroque, One Earth Future.

In recent years, piracy and armed robbery has captivated much of the policy attention around maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea. While this is a critical piece of the puzzle, it is also necessary to address the driving factors of illicit maritime activities. With this aim, a new policy brief from Stable seas provides recommendations targeting the root causes of illicit maritime activities, to include piracy and armed robbery, so that signatories and stakeholders of the Yaoundé Code of Conduct can holistically and comprehensively improve regional maritime security. 

The recommendations put forth address maritime enforcement capacity, fisheries, coastal welfare, and rule of law at the international, regional, and national levels in the hopes of disrupting illicit maritime activity in the Gulf of Guinea.

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