Violence at Sea: Exploiting Maritime Blindspots to Wage Terror on Land

Violence at Sea report Flows
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Although global powers spend billions in the fight against violent non-state actors (VNSAs), most have overlooked their activities in the maritime domain. As a result of this strategic blindspot, these organizations have increasingly leveraged the maritime space to smuggle fighters and weapons, orchestrate attacks on maritime targets, and even finance their operations through illicit trafficking and taxation schemes. 

Violence at Sea: How Terrorists, Insurgents, and Other Extremists Exploit the Maritime Domain, considers the maritime activities of 43 terrorist organizations the world over, and rates the degree to which each VNSA is active in the maritime space for operational and financial purposes. The findings illuminate not only the challenges, but also the entry points for security and development actors seeking to implement a more holistic - and therefore more effective - approach to their own counterterrorism policy and programming. 

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