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Transnational security threats like piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, maritime terrorism near Yemen, armed robberies at sea in Southeast Asia, migration and human trafficking across the Mediterranean, and drug-laden submarines from Latin America have redirected the world’s attention toward the security of the global maritime commons. Fortunately, governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector are responding with innovative technologies and new forms of cooperation that can vastly improve global maritime security and governance.

Stable Seas produces rigorous research to assist these efforts to counter dynamic threats to peace at sea. We offer a holistic systems approach that highlights the intersections and feedback loops connecting diverse themes like the welfare of coastal populations, international maritime cooperation, the blue economy, trends in global counterterrorism, and ocean conservation. We believe the strong links between these themes necessitate ambitious whole-of-society approaches over piecemeal and narrowly-scoped mandates. Our international team identifies and advocates for such approaches.




Lydelle Joubert is one of the world's foremost experts on piracy, having worked on the topic for more than a decade and authored the annual State of Maritime Piracy report since 2019. Her experience includes time in civil society, the private sector, the South African military, and the volunteer Sea Rescue service. She is based near Cape Town, South Africa. 



Jon Huggins joined Stable Seas after serving as the long-time Director of Oceans Beyond Piracy at One Earth Future. He has operated throughout the world as a maritime consultant for the IMO, UNODC and the UK Government and served as a career U.S. Navy Officer with experience at NATO, the EU and high-level Navy Staffs in the Pacific and Washington DC.

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Curtis Bell created Stable Seas as a program of One Earth Future in 2016. He developed the Maritime Security Index and led the program's transition into an independent foundation in 2021. Curtis is currently an Associate Professor of Maritime Security and Governance at the U.S. Naval War College, which does not officially endorse or support Stable Seas messaging.



Jay Benson has been with Stable Seas since its inception, with focus areas in maritime security in the Indo-Pacific, maritime domain awareness, and violent extremists operating in the maritime domain. Prior to joining Stable Seas, he led research initiatives on conflict and peacekeeping at One Earth Future, the Pardee Center for International Futures, and elsewhere.

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