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What We Know About Illicit Trades Report

What We Know About Maritime Illicit Trades

What We Know About Maritime Illicit Trades is the second in a series of reports as part of the Transnational Organized Crime at Sea: New Evidence for Better Responses project.

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thumbnail image of policy brief Challenges and solutions for maritime security in the indian ocean

Challenges and Solutions for Maritime Security in the Indian Ocean

This policy brief examines maritime security and governance in the Indian Ocean region across nine issue areas, looking at progress being made and challenges that remain. 

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ansar al sunna ISIS affiliate Mozambique information

ASWJ: What We Know

New brief provides a high-level overview of Ansar al-Sunna in Mozambique with a particular focus on maritime security. 

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Stable Seas: Caribbean martime security report

Stable Seas: Caribbean

Stable Seas: Caribbean provides a holistic overview of nine maritime security issue areas, with a focus on those countries bordering the Caribbean Sea.

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Blue Economy in the BARMM

BARMM Blue Economy: Policy Proposals for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao

The Blue Economy will be critical to the prosperity, stability, and welfare of coastal communities in the BARMM. 

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policy gulf guinea beyond piracy

Policy Beyond Counter-Piracy: Improving Maritime Enforcement Capacity, Fisheries, Coastal Welfare, and Rule of Law in the Gulf of Guinea

New brief provides recommendations for Yaoundé Code of Conduct stakeholders on maritime enforcement capacity, fisheries, coastal welfare, and rule of law.

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piracy mitigation Gulf of Guinea

Near-Term Mitigation of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

A new Stable Seas policy brief explores near-term options to counter piracy and armed robbery against vessels in the Gulf of Guinea.

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Yaounde Code of Conduct Informational Brief

Gauging Maritime Security in West and Central Africa

The Yaoundé Architecture is a critical piece of the maritime security picture in West and Central Africa, resulting from the regionally-led Code of Conduct Concerning the Repressing of Piracy, Armed Robbery against Ships, and illicit Maritime Activity in West and Central Africa, also known as the Yaoundé Code of Conduct.

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Violence At Sea and Maritime Terrorism

Violence at Sea: How Terrorists, Insurgents, and Other Extremists Exploit the Maritime Domain

Sea blindness—the failure to acknowledge or recognize the importance of the maritime domain to both society and the economy—can pose a significant threat to state security. This report outlines the extent to which 43 terrorist organizations are active in the maritime space for the purpose of financing and facilitating their political objectives.

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ASEAN maritime security brief

Addressing Maritime Security in Southeast Asia

ASEAN has a vital role to play in Southeast Asian maritime security. This policy brief measures and maps nine aspects of maritime security across ASEAN states.

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