Stable Seas Publications

Djibouti Code Of Contact Brief

Measuring Maritime Security in the Western Indian Ocean Region

A new report provides a tool for Djibouti Code of Conduct signatories to measure maritime security improvements on maritime security in the Western Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden .

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Piracy and Organized Crime at sea

What We Know About Piracy

A new report on how data on piracy and armed robbery is collected, what information on piracy is available, and which organizations are analyzing data.

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Stable Seas in Gulf of Guinea

Stable Seas: Gulf of Guinea

Stable Seas: Gulf of Guinea explores the connections between maritime governance themes and security challenges, tracking the links between crime, coastal development, and violence.

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thumbnail Policy change philippines maritime security

A Pathway to Policy Change: Improving Philippine Fisheries, Blue Economy, and Maritime Law Enforcement in the Sulu and Celebes Seas

Policy recommendations for Improving Philippine fisheries, blue economy, and maritime law enforcement in the Sulu and Celebes seas.

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Maritime Security in the Bay of Bengal

Stable Seas: Bay of Bengal

Maritime security challenges and opportunities facing the Bay of Bengal including piracy, fisheries, trafficking, migration, and international cooperation.

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Report on MaritimeTerrorism and Piracy

State of Piracy 2018 - Assessing the Human Cost

Publication of 2018’s State of Maritime Piracy report marks the ninth year that One Earth Future (OEF) has assessed the human cost of maritime piracy. Our focus has expanded from piracy off the coast of Somalia to piracy and robbery of vessels in the Gulf of Guinea, Southeast Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. What has remained constant is our goal to explain and quantify the magnitude of these crimes and the profound impact they have had on stakeholders and, most importantly, the victims.

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Soft Targets for Maritime Terrorism

Soft Targets & Black Markets: Terrorist Activities in the Maritime Domain

The sheer depth of the vulnerable target set at sea, combined with the expansive, ungovernable maritime space, makes the threat of maritime terrorism constant. There are ample opportunities to exploit the weaknesses of this system to launch an attack on shipping or port infrastructure that could cause high levels of economic disruption.

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undersea fiber optic cable security

Undersea Fiber-Optic Cable Security - Threats from Below

Critical undersea fiber-optic cable networks are among the most important communication infrastructures globally, yet they receive disproportionately little attention from maritime security experts.

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sulu and celebes seas report

Stable Seas: Sulu and Celebes Seas

The Sulu and Celebes Seas present unique maritime security challenges, requiring a holistic and interconnected maritime governance approach.

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Africa’s Blue Economy

This fact sheet explores the current state of the Blue Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the significant challenges to and massive potential for its future development.

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