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sulu and celebes seas report

Stable Seas: Sulu and Celebes Seas

The Sulu and Celebes Seas present unique maritime security challenges, requiring a holistic and interconnected maritime governance approach.

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Africa’s Blue Economy

This fact sheet explores the current state of the Blue Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the significant challenges to and massive potential for its future development.

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Maritime Enforcement and Rule of Law

Addressing Maritime Threats: Maritime Enforcement and the Rule of Law

This issue paper explores the critical relationship between maritime enforcement capability and the rule of law in improving and sustaining a state’s maritime security picture.

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Women In Maritime

Women in Maritime

This brief explores the often under-examined, yet vital roles of women in the Sub-Saharan African maritime space, as well as the numerous challenges they face in entering those roles.

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Stable Seas Somali Waters

Stable Seas: Somali Waters

This report shows how complex issues like illegal fishing, coastal violence, and human trafficking intersect to create a uniquely insecure maritime environment in Somali waters. Regional conflicts have shifted human migration flows, and this has further accelerated the smuggling of both trafficked persons and arms across the Gulf of Aden.

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